Transportation & Infrastructure

In addition to working closely with mining companies, The Welmar Group is also highly experienced working with transportation & infrastructure projects. We fabricate road barrier frames, subway ventilation systems, pipeline components and other equipment for the movement of liquids and gases.

Other types of infrastructure that we fabricate include art and custom metal decorative structures.

Our industrial dust collection systems provide environmental improvements for manufacturing facilities. Many types of manufacturing create a dust or airborne by-product which can be hazardous to the health of workers. By adding a dust collection system, the workplace has an improved industrial hygiene.

We also fabricate relocatable buildings. We can provide our own modular designs or custom build your concept and design specifications. Our prototype design has a secure, insulated and durable structure to locate and relocate to where it needs to go.

The Welmar Group is a sought after sub contractor to international companies and local municipalities.     

View our gallery to see samples of our custom work created for the transportation and infrastructure industry.

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