Food & Beverage Production

Food production plants have varied needs for their production lines, depending on the type of food and temperature sensitivity of goods being produced.

The Welmar Group provides pre- and post- processing tanks and vats, large and oversized food bins, troughs, hoppers, conveyors, and all required ducting for the transportation and storage of food products throughout the factory, or to ship safely to a packaging facility.

For example, we supply the coffee production industry with food-safe stainless steel totes, hoppers, bins, and tanks used for storage and mixing of both green and roasted coffee beans that ensure the products can be moved without being damaged. We also fabricate liquid containment and control tanks for storage of food grade chemicals for pre- or post-processing use. These can be custom built in all sizes and to your specifications.

Our expert fabrication also supports the automation of industry by producing parts integral to conveyors and machine bases, in addition to custom filter housing units, which provides filtered air to processing plants, especially food producing factories.

Another popular item that we manufacture for the food and beverage industry are trench drains. They are necessary for any area that produces a liquid which needs to be kept off a floor, counter or other surface requiring containment / control of liquids. We will custom make and fit any size of trench. We create a stainless-steel trench drain liner and perfectly fitting removable cover. We will measure your current trenches on site, and solve any drainage and sanitary concerns.

View our gallery to see samples of our custom work created for the noise abatement and control industry.

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