Contract Manufacturing

The Welmar Group has several aspects to our manufacturing process that lends us well to high volume contract manufacturing of many production run items. We have built machine and conveyor parts, custom hardware, flexible connection joints, various metal signage, stencils and wash troughs.

CNC controlled laser cutting and press brake forming ensure repeatable accuracy and quality, while day and night shifts provide the capacity to meet your requirements.

Once your parts have been laser cut, you can save time and cost with our in-house wet painting services. For custom work, let us know the scope of the project, project timeline, types of materials needed, and required logistics for complete project management.

From dog kennels to art sculptures to beehive parts in high-quantity production runs, our fiber laser can do it all.

Our expanded services which complement your project include forming and welding, sandblasting, cleaning, adding of parts or components welded or bolted such as hinges, doors, hatches or louvers — all of which can be perfectly formed by our CNC fiber laser.

View our gallery to see samples of our contract manufacturing work.

Contact us today to discuss your project needs or to receive a quote, and one of our team members will be able to assist you.