Laser Cutting

The Welmar Group's laser cutting services can precisely cut metal parts for your next project efficiently! With our fiber laser, we have created intricate parts for many industries. Convenience and competitive pricing are just a sampling of our services which we guarantee your satisfaction for quality parts and on-time delivery.

The possibilities are endless — from dog kennels to art sculptures to beehive parts to high-quantity production runs, our fiber laser can do it all.

Our laser is equipped with the latest technologies such as automatic CNC (computer numerical control) focusing, a height adjusting sensor to follow the sheet contours, a camera for manual beam alignment, and even a Bluetooth smartphone app to ensure precision cutting on the sheet metal. Using the top fiber laser technology, our team at The Welmar Group can custom create any parts for your one-off project or recurring manufacturing needs quickly and accurately.

Once your parts have been laser cut, you can save time and costs with our in-house painting services. For custom work, let us know the scope of the project, project timeline, types of materials needed, and shipping information to the site location.

Our expanded services which complement your project include sandblasting, cleaning, adding of parts or components welded or bolted such as hinges, doors, hatches or louvers — all of which can be perfectly formed by our CNC fiber laser.

Laser Cutting

Accurate and fast cutting for all of your 2D parts needs

The Welmar Group has the laser cutting solution to meet all your fabrication needs with our state of the art 2019 MVD Model F4 - 2040 4KW Fiber Laser. A wide range of stocked materials means fast turnaround on your order. Our full service shop means that we can reduce efforts to procure each of these relayed services by providing cutting, forming, welding, and painting under one roof.

View our gallery to see samples of our custom laser cutting work.

Contact us today to discuss your project needs or to receive a quote, and one of our team members will be able to assist you.