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Welmar de Mexico was opened in 2009 in Piedras Negras, Coahuilla, Mexico. This location, only 2.5 hours from San Antonio Texas, is easily accessible and just 5 minutes from the US border. Welmar de Mexico is a 16,000 square foot full service metal shop, in a secured industrial compound. We offer plasma cutting, shearing, forming, welding, sand blasting and painting services to offer a one stop solution to your manufacturing needs.

Canadian owned, trained and managed, we have hired a skilled and hard working staff to cover manufacturing for up to 3 full shifts daily. Our welding shop is fully certified to AWS standards and has bi-lingual production engineers on site. Welmar de Mexico is an ideal candidate for contract manufacturing, large or short run custom metal products, or any project where cost effective manufacturing is a requirement.

Welmar de Mexico products have been shipped worldwide, including deliveries to Dubai, Venezuala and Saudi Arabia. Ocean access is nearby in Galvaston Texas, and we will ship anything we build with assistance from Welmar America LLC, who manages all expediting from Mexico.

Welmar de Mexico is part of The Welmar Group, who’s head office is in Guelph, Ontario Canada.

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