Welmar America LLC

Welmar America LLC is located in Eagle Pass, Texas. It is Canadian owned, trained and managed.

Welmar America LLC provides legal documentation regarding all import/export requirements for transportation across multiple boarders. Welmar America LLC has local contacts for assisting with secure warehousing and has delivery yards available for storage or shipment preparation. Our Spanish and English speaking staff is available to personally answer any questions or assist with customers and their shipping partners, and to be a liaison between the Mexico fabrication shop and the U.S. Customs at the border. We ensure all sizes of shipments have been properly dispatched using the best available inter- modal transportation. For information on how Welmar America LLC can assist you in cross boarder manufacturing and shipping, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Welmar America LLC is part of The Welmar Group who’s head office in Guelph, Ontario Canada

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